18 Weinbergshaeuschen, Rheinland; Germany

From the Roman times in the central Germany, at the border to France, viticulture is running culture.

In the vineyards can be seen white objects, named weinbergshaeuschen ('vineyards huts'). They are shelters for vineyard guards against thieves, human and animal.

The object has vertical, circular body with half-dome ceiling and roof. The roof is corbelled, but plastered, Today with cement. Shape of the roof can be bell-shaped, half-dome or even concave slope.
Inside there is a bench and three windows for watching, one for each side. The diameter could not be longer than a man: it is important, because the sleeping guard is not a guard.

The roofs are mostly maintained every year with brilliant white lime covering, as an accent in the vineyard.


weinbergshaeuschen near Westhofen, 2oo3
weinbergshaeucschen near Floersheim, 2oo3
weinbergshaeuschen in Westhofen
weinbergshaeuschen near Dalsheim, 2oo3
weinbergshaeuschen near Westhofen, 2oo3
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