16 Trullo, Puglia; Italy

Trullo means the system of construction, people in Puglia named the objects like 'caselia' or simply 'the house'. Construction of trullo is very significant: inner corbelling has a thin frame outside: this composes typical conical shape.

The body is mostly square, with typical entrance, overlaid with horizontal lintel, half-circular arch and triangular outer shape. Over this body comes circular trullo roof. If needed, in the centre the chimney can be positioned. The whole homestead consists of more trulli (trullo = singular, trulli = plural): the kitchen, living room and sleeping room (in two stores). Outside there are trulli for animals: bigger for the mule, smaller for the pigs and inside even for the chickens.

On the top of the roof (of those in human use only, not for storing and not for animals) there are pinacoli or well designed capstones, typical for every object. Every year pinacolo is plastered with white lime cover.
Trulli in Puglia are in use Today to: they are regularly maintained and represents the only living corbelled culture in Europe.

trullo construction, Puglia

wineyard hut near Locorotondo, (Puglia) 1997
caselia near Martina Franca, (Puglia) 1995
model of living hut and economy part with trullo roof
construction of the trullo roof, 1997
straw-hut (pagliaia), open on the top, 1997

model of trullo near Calimera, Puglia

trullo near Calimera, with staircases on both sides, 1997
Trullo, not far from Maruggio, (Puglia) 1997
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