15 Pont de bestiar, Menorca island, Baleari; Spain

The name pont de bestiar means in Catalan 'the hut for animals', and can be found on Northern and Western part of island of Menorca (Minorca) mostly.

The older constructions are smaller, mostly with stepped roof, circular, and in use for flocks of sheep or goats: entrances are very small, down to 4o x 3o cm.

Newer ponts have been made for bigger animals: horses mostly. The newest I have seen appeared in 1990 in the middle of two pastures, East of Ciutadella. Construction is of half-dressed stone in perfect corbelling, outside is stepped construction of the frame, on the top there is capstone. The new ponts are pretty big: for about 3o to 5o animals.

Construction is the same as in the ancient monuments, navetas, 4ooo years old.

model of the pont, Son Pomar

Nort of Ciutadella, 1996
pont de bestiar, Son Pomar, 1996
model of the pont near Son Pomar
pont near Son Pomar, 1995
pont, Torre Trencada, 1995
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