14 Pineta, Sardegna Island; Italy

In central and in Western part of Sardegna (Sardinia) can be found stone shelter, named pineta (also pinneta, pinetta or pinnetta). The oldest have circular stone walls and wooden roof construction, covered by reed. They are not more in use, but whole stone constructions are wide spreaded as shelters for the animals. Even compositions of two or more shelters together, with enclosures for several flocks, can be found.

Basic construction is corbelling, the frame consists of vertical walls until the roof, composed by bigger plates. Stepped roofs are rare.
Mostly in plateau near Romana pinetas are still in use.

Pineta, Romana
plateau, West of Romana, 2oo1
pineta, not far from Villanova, 1996
modell of pineta, Macomer
pineta North of Macomer, 1996
pineta with ginepro roof construction: Sa Coveccada, 1996
pineta on the plateau near Romana
pineta, North of Sardegna, 1996
pineta near the road from Macomer to Bosa, 1995
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