13 Pagliaddiu, Corse Island; France

Pagliaddiu or pailleur (pagliaddiu is old Corsican, pailleur is French) is the stone object on the North side of Corse. On the South part can be seen circular shelter, named barracun.

Pagliaddiu has rectangular groundplan with vertical walls until the roof frieze, projected ten or fifteen centimetres over. Slated, four sided roof are made of bigger plates, covered with turf.

Inner construction is typical corbelling in cross sections, plastered and with hearth on one wall. The chimney can be hardly seen outside.
Pagliaddiu had been in use for people, shepherds lived there some months, far from their villages, in the mountains.

model of pagliaddiu (North of Corse)
pagliaddiu near Santu Pietru, 1998
Santu Pietru, North of Corse, 1998
barracun near Bonifaziu, (South of Corse) 1998
Pagliaddiu above Santu Pietru, 1998
pagliaddiu, 'vegetal roof', 1998
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