17 Twlc mochyn, Wales; UK

Twlc crwn (circular sty) is pigsty (twlc mochyn: twlc = sty, crwn = circular, mochyn = pig) or goose pen in South Wales, United Kingdom.
It is constructed in typical corbelling. On the top, there is cap-stone, over the entrance lies the lintel. Twlc mochyn has an open area on the front, encircled with the walls, for the pigs, with a stone manger.
Pigsties in Wales are usually located in the wall, or at least at the corner of the yard.

In Wales, there exist a lot of pigsties, but no one is in use Today.

Berth-Iwyd Farm, Pontypridd: Twlc mochyn in the yard, partly reconstructed with mortar (the roof).
Museum of Welsh Life, St Fagans (Caerdydd/Cardiff): well reconstructed twlc mochyn with all the elements - walls, yard, manger.
Pendcedrain Farm, Bargoed: partly collapsed twlc mochyn, but front part is well preserved. The cap-stone has been found and reconstruction could be realised.
Maerdy Farm, Bargoed: partly damaged twlc mochyn (the roof), but with all the elements, needed for the use.
Llwyn Celyn, Pentreclwydau (Castell Nedd / Neath): twlc mochyn in good condition, located in the yard as a monument.
Church Cottage, Saint Hilari / St Hillary: twlc mochyn is partly reconstructed with mortar (outside), inside is construction rough, but in original condition.
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