10 Kazun, komarda, Istra Peninsula, Krk Island; Croatia

Kazun is very interesting object, located in the central part of Istra peninsula. The name comes out from Italian: 'casa'; and kazun means 'little house'.

Kazun has typical elements: the body (circular or rectangular) and the roof. The roof has distinctive frieze, on the slated roof there is capstone as important element of accent, somewhere there are four stones to define the basic points of the roof edge.

Kazun has not very interesting entrances or other designed details: its appearance in the green and red flat fertile fields is so remarkable.
It is mostly in use for sheltering people: with a lot of practical built-in elements as benches, hearths, niches or slings.

On the island of Krk, not far from Istra peninsula, the stone shelter is named komarda.

Its construction is mostly different from the kazun: with gravelled roof and often ramp to the top, with location in the wall frequently.
There can be found very small shelters: for one man only (laying or sitting).

Construction is typical corbell, outer face is not so important, it depends on the walls and terrain.
The same construction is in use at the water-permeable roofed wells, where the inner part is corbelling, outside seems like an oval, built mound.

model of kazun from Smoljanci near Kanfanar
kazun, Smoljanci near Kanfanar (Istra) 1985
the top stone on kazun's roof, 2ooo
komarda on Krk Island
komarda on the island of Krk, 1999
komarda on Krk Island, 1999
kazun near Kanfanar, Istra 2oo1
kazun near Kanfanar, 2oo1
Kazun near Peroj (Istra) 1997
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