8 Girna; Malta

The Northern part of Malta and on the island of Gozo can be found a lot of giren (plural; singular is: girna). This is stone shelter, mostly in use for sheltering flocks of goats or sheep, with wall enclosures for organising animals. Construction is mostly truncated cone, with roof of gravel, with capstone on the top. Groundplans are circular and square, with typical corbelled construction inside. Some of them are enveloped with stone walls, with final result: step roof.

Very often can be found stairs or ramps to the top, using for drying fruit.

girna near Nadur Tower
girna near Nadur Tower, 1995
rare girna with staircase, Ix-Xaghra i-Hamra, 2oo2
detail of the model, Nadur Tower
girna in Wied Musa, below Red Tower, 1995
girna on Ghajn Tuta, West of Red Tower, 2oo2
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