7 Crot or Scele, Graubuenden; Switzerland

One can find crot or scele in Graubuenden kanton, Switzerland. Crot is an object near Poschiavo, and scele is it named near Brusio on the way from Tirano (Italy) over Bernina Pass to St Moritz.

This object is made of hard stone, dressed, and the inner construction is overlaid outside with the frame parallel to the corbelling. It is in use Today too: as a granary or for chilling the milk (using small creek, taking water through it).
The shape is typical bee-hive hut.

crot in Brusio, viafier Retica
Crot/scele in Brusio, viafier Retica, 1995
crot/scele on Selva (1454m) (Graubuenden), 1995
crot near viafier Retica in Brusio (Graubuenden) 1995
crot/scele above Brusio (Graubuenden), 1995
crot/scele near Brusio, Val Poschiavo (Graubuenden), 1995
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