5 Caprile, Elba Island; Italy

Caprile is located on the island of Elba, near Piombino in Italy.
There are some objects on the Western and Northern part of the island.

Typical is the frame, parallel to inner construction: like 'half-dome'. Important part of caprile are the walls: enclosures around the objects serve as night security for the flocks of sheep or goats.

model of caprile, Macinelle (Elba)
caprile on Macinelle, (Elba) 1998
view from one caprile to another, Macinelle, 1998
caprile on Le Calanche, Elba Island, 1998
caprile on Macinelle, Elba, 1998
caprile with sheepfold, Macinelle, 1998
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