4 Cabane, South of France

Cabane is common name for the objects, located from Monaco to Perpignan under Pirenee, on the North up to Lyon. Cabane has a lot of faces: from rectangular groundplan to circular, with stepped roof or parallel to the corbelling itself. Near Gordes cabane can be found with two stores: longitudinal and with ridged roof. Bell-shaped roof is not very rare.

Most of them have hearth in the corner, also with chimney at the side.
A lot of cabanes are in use Today, and there are specialists who can build new or can restore them for the use in vineyards. Together with pagliaddius on Corse, cabanes are the most numerous shelters in the Mediterranean.

cabane near Uzes, (Gard)
cabane near Uzes, (Gard) 1998
St Quentin la Poterie (Gard) 2ooo
cabane East of Gordes, Viens (Rousillon)
cabane near Uzes, (Gard) 2ooo
cabane near Gordes, Viens (Rousillon) 1998
cabane in Gordes (1994)
cabane near Uzes (Gard) 2oo1
cabane near Viens (Rousillon) 1998
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